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It's true! We're moving. 

Starting March 1, 2022, Rapid Print will become a virtual print shop! What this means for you is more competitive pricing, more product variety, and the convenience of your product shipped directly to your door.

If you're interested in a video like this check out our sister company High Street Marketing Company


Things you can always count on:

  • The same people on the other side of the phone, screen, etc. Customer service is still our main emphasis at Rapid!

  • You can still give us a call at the same number (585-924-1520), send us an email, or even schedule a video chat.

  • Our offerings! We will still print the things you're used to, and more! We have broadened our network to be able to provide you with nearly anything that can be printed on.

  • Extremely high quality. We aim for perfection every time. If for some reason we don't, we'll always make it right.

  • Great production design at impossible to beat prices. 

  • Marketing mindfulness. Don't just print - print right. Our marketing expertise is something to lean on for ensuring your printed materials achieve a goal.

  • Rapid is still rapid! Meaning, turnaround time is still around 1-week for most jobs. Except now, your product is delivered conveniently to your door.



What things will be changing:

  • We're actually adding to what we can do! For three years we've been building out a network of other printers with specialties outside of what we've been able to do in the past. For the most part, if you can think of something that's printed, we can get our hands on it for you. 

  • Every order will be conveniently shipped to your door. We've found a way to provide either heavily discounted or free shipping for most orders.

  • Over the years, the number walk-in copy jobs has slowed down to near non-existent. Being virtual doesn't allow for those anymore, but instead, documents can be emailed to us for print and shipping.

  • Meetings will either be virtual or in our new downtown Rochester office.

Our New Location:

Learn why we're the printing company Rochester & Buffalo trust


Call: 585-924-1520

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