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Print Marketing Essentials for Startups & Small Businesses

There's no arguing the excitement that accompanies starting a new business.  As many entrepreneurs find out rather quickly, making your presence known takes more than positive thinking and the desire to get rich.  Business is relentlessly competitive today, and one of the main reasons to have a nice mix of printed marketing tools at your disposal.

While the options are clearly extensive, there are a few essentials that no small business or startup should be without.  Let's review some of the most important marketing tools for new companies and those about to launch.

Business Cards

Where would any working professional be without business cards?  They're affordable, simple to order, fun to customize, and can be easily distributed in a vast number of ways.  Colonial has been printing business cards in Buffalo for over 25 years, and we're proud to offer among the area's best selections and rates.

Trifold Brochures

It's understandable that those starting out want to tell their story to anyone who'll listen.  This is just one of many ways in which the trifold brochure is an ideal solution.  Keep in mind that inkjet-printed brochures are almost effortless to spot, and could leave a poor first impression when prospecting.  Have your trifolds and brochures professionally printed for the best chance at a response.

Customized Promotional Products

In the highly-evolved world of print marketing, there is no shortage of products that can be personalized with your company logo.  Promotional products allow you to get clever with regard to how you brand your business.  Best sellers include customized apparel, pens and writing tools, personalized hats, bags and dozens of other categories.

Business Stationary & Forms

If you're going to be doing business with others, there's absolutely no room for sloppy, unprofessional looking business forms, letterhead, envelopes and so on.  For about what printing at home will cost you in time, supplies and stress, you can have forms and business stationary professionally printed in Buffalo.  Check out our selection of business forms and documents for more info!

Vehicle Magnets

Do you or your employees spend a good portion of the day driving to meetings, service calls or suppliers?  If so, professionally printed vehicle advertising magnets are an outstanding way to significantly increase brand awareness… all while doing nothing more than going about your day. Just make sure you obey the rules of the road! :)

These are just some of the options available for marketing your business. You're only limited by your creativity (and budget I guess), but printed materials play a vital role in making sure your target audience knows about you. Let us know if we can help!


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