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Can Holiday Cheer
Really Boost Sales?

Personalized touches are a way to separate your business, retain customers, and stir up business.

Sending a greeting card or holiday card works for businesses for the same reason it works for sending to friends and family. It's personal. It's relational. It demonstrates there's something deeper to the relationship than just being transactional. Of course, this only comes when there is a genuine interest in caring for and building trust with your customer base. 

You've probably heard it's "10x more expensive to gain a new customer than it is to retain one". Well it's true. Forbes states that 70% of companies see their retention marketing as average at best. They go on to say that 80% of your future revenue will come from 20% of your existing customer base. Those numbers are powerful. So, how do you motivate customers to stay and invite them to do more business? Staying in touch and personalized interactions (like a card sent around the holidays) are key!

Want some other tips on how to do this right? argues that we don't need to pretend these are something more than they are. It's a marketing message. Make it fun! Keep the messaging short, succinct, and representative of your voice as a company. Maybe this is a chance to include a sales offer along with your holiday greeting. You know your customer base best, so send them something they'll enjoy receiving! If you can land a spot on the refrigerator for something clever or funny, even better!


Rapid Print can help you get these ideas off the ground. We have 30+ years of printing experience, but marketing has always been right along side of that. We're experts in effective print pieces, not just nice looking ones. Our in-house designer can help you get creative, or you can go ahead and send us your ideas or artwork. Happy holidays and we look forward to working with you!


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