Customized marketing products continue to be among the most effective and fun ways to promote businesses of every size and industry.  From their ubiquitous presence at trade shows and industry conventions, to the role they play in drip-marketing and client relations, there are literally thousands of options for those looking to get creative when it comes to ordering promotional products.

If you're not interested in going completely outside-the-box just yet, you're in luck.  Even the most common categories offer a vast array of product choices, making it simple to find items perfect for your staff, prospects, clients, strangers in the elevator… you name it!   Here are some of the most popular promotional marketing tools here at Rapid Print & Marketing in Rochester.

Custom T-shirts & Polos

Personalized tees and polo shirts can be worn by your staff in place of traditional work uniforms, or as a stylish branding tool when not on the job.  Additionally, they can be presented to clients and prospects or used as the basis for giveaways, social media contests, local events and many others.

Personalized Hats & Caps

As strange as it may seem, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone in the workaday world who doesn’t enjoy and appreciate a good, free hat.  This works to the favor of budding marketeers, as customized promotional hats make it affordable to give gifts that people actually want to wear.

Pens & Writing Instruments

From the most basic stick pen to the most exquisitely-customized executive fountain pen set, promotional writing instruments offer what is arguably the most diverse range of pricing and style options.  Take a look at our promotional pens for examples and more ideas on how they can be used.

Bags & Cases

Promotional cases are one of the best examples of personalized items that enjoy many years of use and visibility.  Virtually any type of bag can be personalized with your company logo and name, including laptop cases, overnight bags, luggage, messenger bags, backpacks and so many others.

Personalized Jackets

If you're located in cold winter climates or staff a team of field-based employees, personalized promotional jackets are an awesome addition to your permanent branding campaign.  Today you can select from customized fleece jackets, coats, raincoats, parkas, and all of the other common favorites.

Get More Ideas on How to Use Promotional Items in Rochester

In just the past decade the promotional marketing industry has expanded immensely.  If you're tasked with the responsibility of ordering personalized products for your company and feeling overwhelmed, we can help.  Call Rapid Print & Marketing today at 585-924-1520 to discuss the most effective options, get rates or answers to your questions on promotional marketing.