Many people dream of owning their own small business. It’s the (new) American dream, and for good reason: it’s a rewarding life with countless advantages. But it’s also a life of many challenges – it takes long hours, hard work, and a lot of helping hands to keep a business going strong.

Rapid Print & Marketing started nearly 30 years ago in Victor, NY, with that same dream, spirit, and sacrifice. When I was only 16, my dad’s position of 25 years was eliminated, and he was forced to make the difficult decision of what to do next. I’ll never forget the anxiety that washed over our home during that tough time. And I’ll never forget the shock and uncertainty my family felt when my dad told us, “I’m starting my own business.”

From the outside looking in, it seemed like an impossible task. Here was my dad, a skilled computer programmer, leaving everything he had ever known in the corporate world to chase his dream of owning a small, offset printing company – entirely from the ground up. There was fear and doubt, of course, but both of my parents believed in the dream, and jumped in headfirst. They never worked harder or more devotedly in their entire lives.

We Understand Small Business

At Rapid Print, we know the plight of the small business owner. It’s not a dream everyone has the opportunity to chase, but when you do, you need all the support you can get. Nothing happens over night. I watched my parents work around-the-clock to care for their customers, and it was only with time, honesty, and personal dedication that the business really took off. Rapid Print not only earned a reputation for producing outstanding work in the Rochester community, it gained a loyal customer base of businesses, neighbors, and friends. Over time, we’ve developed and upheld a strong mission of helping other small businesses grow and succeed.

We Want to Help You Thrive

Nearly three decades later, that mission is stronger than ever. We love what we do, because we love what you do.

We believe that small business is the backbone of our community, and we’re committed to helping you compete and win in today’s world of national chains and suppliers. Small business owners not only need quality, reliable print services to keep things organized, looking good, and running smoothly, but also creative support from professionals who understand your marketing goals, needs, and budget. At Rapid Print, we’re wholly committed to both.

Welcome to the Rapid Print Blog

Here, you’ll find news about Rapid Print and the many brands we serve. From marketing tips and industry secrets, to product news and customer highlights, our goal is to provide you with content that makes your life easier, richer, better. With the Rapid Print blog, we aim to give you unparalleled support that helps you make your own dream a reality.

We hope you’ll stop by often.

—Doug Gaudieri, President